it’s the company raison d’etre, the ability to put the smartest minds in front of our clients, so they can design solutions and reduce complexity


We have committed to providing innovation with a technological edge as the best way to satisfy our customers and develop our future


Nobody understands entrepreneurs better than entrepreneurs. That’s why we align like-minded individuals to our entrepreneurial client base. It’s by far the best way to achieve superior results. Our fees are based on performance accordingly


The Silicon Valley gurus taught us that the only way for businesses to consistently succeed is by attracting smart, creative employees and creating a corporate culture in which they can be as innovative as they like


At Brightside, we achieve excellence in wealth management by using global professionals from seven different cultural backgrounds


That’s why clients have recognised us as wise partners for the last two turbulent decades


What’s changed since the days when everything had to be measured against rigid, MBA-style criteria? We have. At Brightside we believe the only solid businesses in the internet era are the ones that accept that uncertainty is a challenge not a problem and that freedom is more important than control. Uncertainty is fun, uncertainty is the new rock

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and good business is the best art"
- Andy Warhol

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