Who we are

Our mission

To establish our brand as an independent company, providing asset management and family office solutions for ultra high net worth individuals.
We strongly believe that the definitive way to reshape the financial industry is by giving companies the opportunity to be innovative and creative in the way they are structured and how they behave; that’s what Brightside is dedicated to achieving




It’s the company raison d’etre, the ability to put the smartest minds in front of our clients, so they can design solutions and reduce complexity


Private ownership

Brightside is fully owned by its partners. Our entrepreneurial frame of mind is our guiding principle and this informs our entire hiring process. Only true entrepreneurs understand other entrepreneurs



That’s why clients have recognised us as wise partners for the last two turbulent decades



At Brightside, we achieve excellence in wealth management by using global professionals from seven different cultural backgrounds



We have committed to providing innovation with a technological edge as the best way to satisfy our customers and develop our future